My Journey to UX Design

I enjoy working on projects that address essential client and user needs while creating humanized user-friendly interfaces that can be accessed by many.


My Journey


My name is Jordyn Roberts, and I’ve never been one to believe in coincidences. I could blame my Southern, spiritual upbringing or my obsession with The Lion King during my rugrat years, but as far as I recall I have always perceived reality as an interconnection of things. Every instant and every detail affects an outcome. Every action triggers a change and what we do with the consequences of these changes determine how better, or worse, the world is for it. This outlook – partnered with my curiosity, desire to be an advocate for humanity, appreciation of the arts and joy of storytelling – coaxed me into pursuing dual degrees in journalism and graphic design. My goal was to, somehow, combine these disciplines and forge a path to a career that best aligns with my character and passion.

In my quest to seek the previously mentioned character and passion alignment, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue the perfect career for someone with my interest - UX design. Thanks to a couple of educational opportunities provided by Bloc and Udacity, I am closer to becoming a designer that contributes to the production of goods and services made for the betterment of humanity and a prosperous future for all.

A possessor of curiosities, imagination, and the desire to be a champion for humanity, I remain spirited in my search for opportunities to grow and apply my learnings to impactful projects – big or small – as a student of the world. If you would like to work with someone with the previously mentioned characteristics, feel free to reach out! I'm only a message away.

  • I have an INFJ Personality.
  • I adore bees.
  • I enjoy reading spooky stories and telling creepy tales.
  • I can whistle and hum songs better than I can sing 'em.